About us

Bill Buckley invented the Patent Pending Personal Fitness Vehicles.


Sitting too long causes back pain, obesity, depression and Diabetes.  Bill Buckley invented the Patent Pending Personal Vehicle sold as aerCahir to eliminate the single column of compression from sitting.  Errgoomic Chairs are Static.  The human body is fluid and dynamically changes.  Once a force corrupts the metabolism bad things happen.


Buckley found the neutral posture with all of the joints open more than 90 degrees was the best way to keep the cardiovascular and nervous systems flowing.  But static chairs could not provide neutral posture because they inhibit the flow of the metabolism, slow cardiovascular and nervous systems.  The core abdominal muscles do not move their full natural paths while sitting on most ergonomic chairs.


Buckley felt floating on air in water in a hot tub supported your body externally.  It was comfortable.  aerChair builds the strength of the user from the oxygen flowing through the unimpeded cardiovascular system. Air inside the body becomes strength and support.  aerChairs allow you to float on the oxygen flowing in your body through your muscles.  Instead of relying on a static device to lean on and corrupt the metabolism you float on an aerChair in neutral posture.


Buckley loves hearing from Clients about how much it changed their lives.  Buckley only offers Quality Products and Services.  He feels the relationship goes beyond the purchase.  aerChair users have an active relationship with their aerChairs and use almost everyday.  


Buckley only wants raving customers.  We are looking for professionals that enjoy active sports that sit most of the time. Most people with Back Pain find immediate relief.  Dyslic, Dyspraxic, Autistic and people with ADHD find an immediately valuable perspective.


They are available for Trial at City Chiroopractic in Galway, Alexander Technique,  Moycullen, Ireland and at Russian Hill Chiropractic in San Francisco.   Contact Bill Buckley for more information.


Bill Buckley is a Patent Pending Inventor. aerChairs and aerSeats are two of the products he offers for sale currently.  New Models will be announced shortly.  He comes originally from San Francisco but has travelled and currently lives in Galway Ireand.


Buckley suffered from back pain.  He looked at the causes and found that the single column of compression from sitting on static platforms corrupts the metabolism and causes pain, obesity, Diabetes, Spinal Disk compression and other afflictions.  Since the air is always moving there is no static column of compression.  The body moves sublty constantly.  It is unnatural to sit all of the time.  


aerChairs can do more than treadmill desks.   The most surprising thing is how people with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism all benefit from the sublte motion.  The buoyant support provokes the central executive and increases working memory, cognition and commnication.  


We are offering aerChairs with Unlicensed Users and Licensed Users.  Licensed users know this is patent pending technology that could be used incorrectly and if anyone is hurt or anything is damaged it is the Licensed User's responsibility.  An Unlicensed User is someone that does not know this is a patent pending technology that may break soemthing or hurt somebody if used incorrectly and if they do break something or hurt somebody it is their responsibility and are liable for their acts of body, speech and mind.