Patent Pending aerChairs have been trialled and endorsed by Chiropractors, Athletes, Special Needs Instuctors, Occupational Therapists, Musicians and artists.



aerSeat €190 

aerChair €365


Carabu with Aqua Clean Technology

aerSeat €190 

Comfort Design

aerChair €365




aerSeat €550

Comfort Design aerChair €950


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After ten people buy and use an aerChair using your discount code; your first purchase price is rebated to you.


We will send you an SMS message with your discount code and the link to forward to your friends that want to lose weight, end pain or feel happier, smarter and better looking.  Your friends click the link, choose the model, size and colour then click the buy now button to pay via PayPal.  At PayPal they enter a discount code for 50% off. If ten of your friends use their aerChairs for more than 90 Days then aerChair will credit your PayPal account the original price less VAT and shipping charges.


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aerChairs are great for people that have to sit while they work because they make users feel happier, smarter and better looking.  

It is the easiest way to optimise your posture.  

Many individuals negotiating Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism find the buoyant flotating perspective incredibly benficial.

aerChairs prevent and rehabilitate back pain, obesity and depression.
5 out of 6 people find their working memory is improved while siting on an aerChair versus a static chair.
So if you want to lose weight.  Get an aerChair.  
If you you want to prevent and end back pain.   Get an aerChair.  
If you have Dyslexia.  Get an aerChair.
If you have a child that struggles in school.  Get an aerChair.
If you have ADHD. Get an aerChair.
If you have Dyspraxia.  Get an aerChair.
Money Back Guarantee.
5 Year Warranty.