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"I love my new aerChair. Businesses everywhere should throw away office chairs and give these to their employees!" -

Let’s start a healthy sit revolution!

At first glance visitors ask me; what is this object for? They not even come up with the idea to take a sit on it. That’s not a minor point. On the contrary; the un-recognizability underlines just the idea behind a totally new sit concept that has no connection with our old image of four legged chairs with stiff and static seats.

After a long sit on a normal chair my bloodstream felt cut off that starts at the hamstrings way down to the feet. So I tried a lot of ergonomic chairs in the past. Most people ended up with a cheap exercise ball and so did I. Due to the unstable anchored floor contact I was constantly busy keeping that ball in place. Besides this, the top rounding forces you to form a pit that numbs the scrotum like it does on a bicycle seat. After more then 3 hours of muscular restlessness I always ended up with a lower back pain and the urge to stand up to stretch my back.

Lucky enough a friend of mine came up with this FitWhileUSit (aerChair) chair. So what are my findings? To be honest; I don’t use it as a workhorse since I created a standing desk earlier.

I use it mainly as the name describes; doing fitness on a chair and…yes… some rest and meditation too!

As soon as you sit on it your body automatically wants to move and rotate the pelvis by instinct. That discovery of being able to move freely around while sitting on a chair and meanwhile unlocking your abdominal core gives a slight feel of sensation, or freedom to be precisely.

And it doesn’t numb anything!

Sometimes, when I need a break from standing, I try to relax all my muscles on it. Doing so, it makes you feel like you’re floating. Every tension or movement however is transmitted to the chair but as soon as you find that perfect balance you don’t want to get up any more. The floating feeling also silences the mind since you keep focussed to maintain that pretty gliding balance.

I tried to do some activities on it like cutting vegetables, computing and so on, but to me, the chair overturns a bit too much to a particular side since it follows your movements very subtle. Or maybe I’m not used to it! But I believe the inventor has developed different models for different purposes I guess, like the one with the floor tyre surrounding the lower end for more stability. I might try out that model as well, hopefully soon.

When you unzip the upholstery to inspect the ‘inner world’ you will be surprised of its simplicity. You will find nothing else but 2 tyres on both ends with an oval fitness ball in between, all kept in place by a slip cover that – in my case – is made from a strong leather-look like material called ‘Carabu’. Containing nothing but air, the slip cover (upholstery) also fills the inner surroundings with air. It constantly sucks and releases air while sitting following an standing up etc. I’m not sure it does so with the normal fabrics version.
Yes, you may call this simple, yet brilliant thought-out ‘object’, an air chair.
Besides doing fitness almost effortlessly, it relaxes and frees your abdominal core and releases lower back tensions for sure, I found out. I would recommend this chair also to physiotherapists.
What I also do like, is its mobility. It weights second to none and with the smart grips on both top ends– you can turn the chair around – it’s easy to carry the chair anywhere into the house or garden. All in all it’s a really well thought-out concept.
Last but not least I would like to mention the outstanding customer support. One tyre had a little bulge and Bill sent me immediately a new tyre from Ireland to the Netherlands. Bravo!
Finally… I have no commercial ties with the company but it’s worth it to promote this marvellous product because I believe in it like the inventor does.
Let’s start a healthy sit revolution!
Peter W. Roelink
Graphic Designer/Musician
The Netherlands.

Elegance; It’s important.
Many trialist say it really is about good posture. We didn’t ask for permission to quote. The note from the meeting says:
Every beautiful woman cares about her posture.
Elegance is important.
Elegance flows from good posture.
If you can’t do anything about how fat or skinny you are, be elegant.
The thing about these aerchairs is you feel it when it’s right.
You feel the strength.
My core muscles have definitely strengthened significantly
“…I’m glad to say I’m getting great mileage out of the seat – I use it most of the time when I’m on the computer and a lot of the time when I’m reading. My core muscles have definitely strengthened significantly, and because I don’t freeze in one position like on a chair, I don’t get the same tightness in my upper back and shoulders as I used to.
My father, my brother and a few other regular visitors head straight for it when they come into the house. My 3 year old niece and her 1 year old brother think it’s the best toy ever – it doubles as a boat/plane or as something to run around the room dragging after them by it’s very conveniently located strap!
Keep well,
Seon Ni Chonghaile
Global Linguist and Sailor”

It is as I say: I use them to stretch the back and they are excellent. Much safer that using an exercise ball. And they fit well in the house.
“I am using the two seats, one upstairs and one downstairs. They are fine: good for exercising the back. I am not using them to get fit or loose weight. Just stretching the lower back, and for that they are very, very good.
The main benefits for me have to do with the back; they are as good as an exercise ball, but fit much better in a house. They are also safer than using an exercise ball.
The USP is that they are functional and attractive; they look well, but do a lot more. I like them. They work very well.
Dr. Noel Harvey
Senior Lecturer
Department of Business Studies
Dublin Road, Galway”

“I would recommend it to anyone who spends a lot of time at the computer.”
Orna O’Reilly
Interior Design Consultant
Ireland and Italy“

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Maggie Buckley Brown December 28, 2012 at 10:05 PM Log in to Reply

I used the aerChair chair at my desk for 3 weeks and found it to be comfortable, stable and easy to adapt to. It would have been helpful to me to have some sort of documentation (or an online link) showing me how to properly inflate/align the parts and set it up for the right height. Using it regularly encouraged me to be more mindful of my body alignment resulting in a reduction in lower back pain/strain as my core muscles were consistently engaged – even when I was not sitting on the aerChair. That is enough to encourage me to continue using it. I was able to focus more effectively on a complicated project that I’ve been working on which increased my productivity and decreased my distraction level. I would encourage anyone to use it to improve core strength and attention span.

From an e-mail from a Special Needs Instructor.

"You lent me an aerChair and I have found it to be really great!
As I work with special needs students I spoke to the principal in the school and highlighted the benefits of the aerchair.
The school is putting on an extension.."


"A friend told me he went to his Chiropractor after missing appointments for 2 months and the Chiropractor said it was miraculous how his back improved on the aerChair.  The Chiropractor also uses an aerChair." -  Bill Buckley, Inventor

Dr. Dale Morrtenson of Russian hill Chiropractic, San Francisco, endorses the aerChair for maximum health and mental agility.